What is a window wall?

Window wall

The development of innovative technology means that it is now possible to create walls made entirely of glazing that are also energy efficient as well.

Window walls (also known as ‘curtain walling’) is used in commercial glazing, utilising large areas of glass to maximise sunlight in a room. Developments in glass technology mean that it is now possible to install floor to ceiling windows or glass doors in domestic properties to bring in light and give amazing views, without compromising on energy efficiency or security.

The benefits of window walls

Attractive architectural design

Although sounding very complex and likely to be reserved for the ambitious property projects attempted on architecture TV programs such as Grand Designs, window walls are actually suitable for most homes. These types of wall with their sleek lines, and minimal look are a great way to add a touch of modern design to your home, easily.

Maximum natural light

The incredibly wide glazing used in window walls maximises the amount of natural light that is able to penetrate a room. Obviously then, window walls are great for letting light flow completely unimpeded into a room.

Expansive outside views

The expansive use of transparent glazing in a window wall massively increases what you can view from your home, allowing you to see more of the outside. Perfect for properties in areas with beautiful views, window walls are a great way to enjoy your surroundings from the comfort of your own home.

An attractive way to maximise energy efficiency

Completely opening up a room to the outdoors, window walls are a truly modern, attractive way to maximise the thermal benefits of a room, saving energy used on heating and potentially saving your money on your bills. Modern engineering and design means that the glazing in the window walls is a great thermal insulator, purposely designed to keep your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Technology has improved to such an extent in recent years that a thermally efficient glazed wall is now a very real possibility.

Mendip: window wall specialists in Somerset

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