Marine finish doors for coastal properties


As anyone living on the North Somerset coast in towns like Clevedon, Portishead and Severn Beach will tell you, the coastal environment can be a particular harsh setting to live at times. Exposed, and at the mercy of the elements, your home takes an invisible beating from the coastal environment all year around. This makes having a Marine Grade finish on your door frames particularly important.

What is a ‘Marine Grade’ finish?

Homes classed as ‘Marine’ properties will exist in coastal atmospheres that have much higher levels of natural chemicals than ordinary locations. These organic chemicals, including salt and corrosive deposits from the sea, significantly affect the performance and the lifespan of windows and doors in these areas.

A ‘Marine Grade’ finish is a term used to describe a powder coat has been designated as being suitable for a marine environment. It means that the powder coat itself is at least 50 microns thick, making it perfect to shield a window or door from the harsh natural chemicals of a coastal environment.

Suitable materials for a marine finish

Aluminium is usually the best material to use in the doorframe of a coastal property due to the increased levels of durability that it offers over other materials such as steel or timber. By covering this aluminium frame in a Marine Grade powder coating, you can ensure that it will be incredibly well protected against the harsh natural chemicals of the coast.

If you live in a coastal property, making sure that your window and door frames have a Marine Grade finish is incredibly important if you want to improve their lifespan.

Your local marine finish door specialist

Mendip Conservatories are your local marine finish specialists. We can offer a variety of Marine Grade finishes on all our window and door frames, ensuring that you can weatherproof your home against the coastal elements. For more information, give us a call on 01934 877 666, or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!