New conservatory styles

Orangery with bifold doors

Orangery by Mendip Conservatories with a lantern roof, bi-fold doors and open-in window installed in Somerset

In our last blog we talked about how innovations in glass technology have revolutionised what homeowners are looking for in a new conservatory. But glazing is not the only big change. With developments in materials and technology, bigger and more complex conservatory styles can be imagined.

Classic conservatory styles

Traditional conservatories come in few styles. Victorian, Gable End, Lean-to and other classic designs are all available as standard, built to up to 3 or 4 metres squared. You could customise these styles to a certain extent, but it’s only in the last few years that you can create your own bespoke, architectural designs.


Orangeries are the newest popular style. Instead of a traditional conservatory frame, an orangery is more like an extension with large glazed windows and a glass lantern roof. This gives the interior a softer, less angular appearance and a greater degree of privacy.

New patio door styles

Other new products include bi-folding and new wave doors. These new styles of patio doors can replace a whole section of wall and fold away to create an open space. Adding sliding or folding doors to an orangery is an attractive compromise between an extension and full conservatory style.

Dual coloured frames

Other innovations in the world of conservatories include dual coloured frames. If you choose a uPVC or aluminium structure, the outside colour can be different from the interior. This means you could have a timber-look exterior, with a white interior to match your décor.

Bespoke conservatory designs

At Mendip, we do still install traditional uPVC conservatories – in fact, our years of practice means that we can fit a white uPVC 3 x 3 metre conservatory in under 5 weeks! However, we specialise in building complex conservatory designs. We have completed conservatories on top of a balcony, with a storage room underneath and we’re about to build a conservatory on stilts!

Bigger conservatories

Another, final consideration is that until 2016, your new conservatory can extend twice as far as before. This can be anywhere up to six or eight metres squared! More space means more possibilities, and more adventurous conservatory styles.

Send us a message or give the Mendip team a ring on 01934 877 666 today to discuss your new conservatory project. We’re sure to be able to help you with any style you can imagine!

Innovations in conservatory design – Glass roofs

Lantern roof in an orangery, installed by Mendip Conservatories in Clevedon, North Somerset

Lantern roof in an orangery, installed by Mendip Conservatories in Clevedon, North SomersetIf you’re looking to upgrade to a new conservatory, the likelihood is that you bought your last one in the early 2000s. More likely than not, it had a full uPVC framework with a polycarbonate roof. Sweltering in the summer and unusable in the winter, this generation of conservatories could only be used for a couple of months each year.

But a lot has changed over the last fifteen years. Now many people want their new conservatory or orangery to be another reception room, rather than a tag-on garden room. And with developments in design and thermal technology this is finally possible.

One of the ways conservatories have changed for the better is with innovations in glass technology.

Glass is the new polycarbonate

Conservatories used to have polycarbonate roofs, which offered little heat or noise insulation. These rooms were little warmer than outside in the winter months and often you’d be better sitting in the garden in the cold. Heating polycarbonate conservatories was a thankless task that saw fuel bills rocket.

But glass technology has improved to the extent that polycarbonate roofs are now practically extinct. No matter whether they’re made from uPVC, aluminium or hardwood, conservatory roofs are now built to take double glazed glass units.

Better insulation

Glass roofs achieve the same level of insulation as double glazing, so heat loss through the roof is no longer an issue. Different glass options are available for better temperature control and a quieter, more comfortable living area. These include ‘A’ energy rated glass and Argon gas-filled units.

Better insulation also means there’s no need to turn the heating up to eleven to keep the room warm. With a modern day conservatory or glass lantern roof, you can expect to see substantial savings in your winter heating bills.

Solar glass technology

Polycarbonate roofs can also be hellish in summer – literally. Solar glass, i.e. glass with heat and UV reflection, can reduce the heat gain in a conservatory during the summer. New glass roofs let you enjoy your conservatory in summer without baking like a tomato in a greenhouse!

Glass roofs are also much stronger and safer than polycarbonate, and able to bear greater wind and snow loads.

If you’re looking to upgrade your conservatory roof or installing a new conservatory, get in touch with the Mendip team today for advice or a friendly quote.

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