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Conservatory Company Reviews…..

Most of us these days check out things we are going to buy, or places we are going to stay or eat a, by searching online for reviews. In our industry it is somewhat telling that few of our competitors use third party review sites, or make a big deal of their “scores” when they do. Indeed, a google search of “conservatory company reviews” only features one unsponsored conservatory company on its first page, and yes you’ve guessed it, it’s us. See our live conservatory company reviews at the bottom of this page.

As a company completely transparent in our pricing, ethos and desire to please, we have no shame in shouting from the rooftops about the conservatory company reviews that our clients have left us following completion of their works. We can do this because the reviews demonstrate how the finished product and workmanship actually did match up to the pre-sale commitment we made and, we are very proud of this. The reviews shown here are not censored, nor are any negative ones removed (although to date we have genuinely have none!) Many of our customers are more than happy for prospective clients to visit their homes to show off their new home improvement, and many have become “friends”, taking time to pop by and say “Hi” when passing!

In addition to our own feedback process, the Consumer Protection Association who underwrite our warranties, independently obtain their own feedback from our customers, the results of which are published quarterly. These reports are available for inspection and always displayed proudly in our offices. Example below.

Conservatory Company Reviews

There is no tougher reviewer than a customer involved in a building project taking place in their own home. With these reviews we wonder sometimes why anyone wouldn’t buy from clearly, the most trusted company in the South West.